Physio-led Pilates Bristol

Physio-led Pilates Classes Bristol


Pilates involves continuous flowing movement, posture, co-ordination, strength, breathing and precision. Pilates began in with Joseph Pilates who in the early 20th century devised 36 key exercises that he found gave him incredible health benefits. Over recent years new scientific evidence has meant many of these original exercises have been modified. Polly Roberts completed her training with the The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute who modified these traditional Pilates exercises to provide a series of exercises suitable as a clinical tool and improve fitness. Polly Robert’s classes allows movement through a variety of levels, classes for specific musculoskeletal conditions, traditional matwork Pilates and performance Pilates for the athletic population.  


Before  you begin in a class a 1:1 session is advised to maximise your Pilates experience. The session will involve teaching the key elements of Pilates, relevant medical health screening and identification of any musculoskeletal health complaints. We will ask about relevant lifestyle activities and your goals of treatment. 

A physical examination may be required to assess current musculoskeletal problems. Any exercises unsuitable or requiring modification in the class will be identified. Depending on your goals and experience a sequence exercises will be taught with facilitation and feedback. A personalised programme will be given for you to do at home. Following the initial Pilates session  1:1 sessions, semi private or classes are available. A choice of suitable classes or appointments will be offered depending on availability.

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