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Frequently asked questions

What should I wear?

Pilates: Comfortable clothes you feel you can move easily and freely. In the class we wear socks or bare feet. If you wish to wear socks please ensure this have grips to prevent slipping. Layers of clothes are useful should you become warm after the warm up and additional layers to put on during the stretches and cool down.

Physiotherapy: Comfortable clothes you feel you can move easily and freely. It is beneficial to see the body part you are having problems with at skin level. If you are happy to undress to expose this body part during the assessment it help with diagnosing the problem. For example bringing shorts for knee, hip and back problems and vest for shoulder problems.

What should I bring?

Pilates: A bottle of water is useful to keep hydrated. All equipment is provided.

Physiotherapy: A list of any medication you are taking and any relevant correspondence or investigation results on medical problems are useful.

Can I join the class if I am pregnant?

Polly Roberts Movement provides specific antenatal classes for those pregnant they are eligible to join from 12 weeks pregnancy or immediately for those regularly practicing Pilates.

How do I sign up?

Please email; pollyrobertsphysio@gmail.com, telephone 07970517558 or the contact us section to book your place or for more information.

Do you offer pay as you go?

Pay as you go is available for Pilates 1;1, semi private sessions and Physiotherapy. There are no pay as you go options for the classes. There are booked in 6 or 8 week blocks.

Do I need to do a 1:1 prior to the class?

The 1:1 session or semi private session is a prerequiste of the class. Polly is able to provide modifications to indivduals in the class as she knows the clinical details of all her clients. Following the 1:1 session the key elements of Pilates are taught, specific aims and goals are discussed to ensure you have a plan to achieve your aims. The 1:1 involves an assessment of your current core strength and Pilates level to ensure you have the oppportunity to join the most suitable class.

Are gift vouchers available?

Yes, please complete your details on the contact page below and we will send further details.

What if I cancel my appointment?

Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel your appointment so we can offer your appointment to someone else. For Physiotherapy and Pilates Appointments less than 24 hours notice will result in the 50% payment required. Non attended with no prior notice will result in the full fee payable For Pilates Classes advanced payment is required for the courses. The courses are booked in 6-8 week blocks. If you are unable to attend a prebooked Pilates class there is no refund for classes missed.

Where are the classes and sessions?

The Pilates classes are held: Fairfield School Fairfield Way Backwell BS48 3PD Flax Bourton Village Hall Old Weston Road Flax Bourton BS48 1UR Pilates and Physiotherapy Appointments are held: The Studio Wraxall

Is there parking?

There are car parks at both Pilates venues Fairfield School and Flax Bourton Village Hall. For Pilates and Physiotherapy sessions there is limited parking in the drive at The Studio, Wraxall or street parking.

Should I arrive early for the class?

The classes start promptly it is useful to arrive a few minutes early to prepare yourself for the class. The equipment will be set up prior to the start time. There maybe a class before your class therefore it may not be possible to enter the class room until your class start time.